My Story (English Edition)

My Story (English Edition)

My Story (English Edition)

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For over 25 years, Dale Winton (1955-2018) was one of Britain’s most popular stars.

His warm and winning ways made him one of Britain’s most popular and powerful personalities on TV, radio and with live audiences everywhere – but Dale’s life was far from perfect.

The story of his private life was traumatic and eventful, a tale of childhood insecurity, poverty and heartbreaking family tragedy – but also courage, commitment and strength. In this emotional, heartfelt book, Dale discusses the problems, the pain and the personalities of a life lived to the full in the mad world of showbusiness – as well as his plastic surgery, his lifelong battle with his weight, and the complicated truth about his sexuality.

Rawest and most affecting is his honest account of his relationship with his parents, his bullying father who died on the day of Dale’s bar mitzvah – but particularly his close relationship with his troubled mother, whose struggle with depression ended with her taking her own life, her body found by Dale just days after his 21st birthday.

With an eye to the future as well as his fascinating past, Dale Winton’s autobiography will make compelling reading for millions, testament to the legacy of one of Britain’s great entertainers.

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My Story (English Edition)

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